Dylan Dog

April 17th, 2020 · 1 min read

I like to read graphic novels. Craig Thompson, Hugo Pratt, those kind of books. I never really read classic comic series.

When my bestie heard about me never reading Dylan Dog, he curated a list of top episodes. Apparently it’s essential for someone getting into Dylan Dog:

Links will be in goodreads, so you can find the names in various language. As soon as I read them.

Other people have also noted the following:

  • Вонземјанската трилогија
    • бр.61 Терор од бесконечноста
    • бр.131 Кога паѓаат ѕвездите
    • бр.136 Некој не вика од горе

There are some other suggestions, but I’ll put more only in case I got into them more.

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